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My 5 for Friday (May 15, 2020)

Want to know how to get a job during the pandemic? What are the best ways churches should deal with the unexpected needs of its members? Or are you interested in what America will be like post pandemic?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

Carter uses the example of Genesis 41 to reveal the Biblical principal that our resources may change over time and that we need to plan for difficult seasons in plentiful seasons. Carter writes that for those who have saved, their resources should be used to aid those who have not, and it is the church's responsibility to make sure this is happening amongst its members.

2. 11 Tax Tips For The Unemployed During The COVID-19 Pandemic by Kelly Phillips Erb. With unemployment in America rising to unprecedented heights, there are a lot of financial factors that come with job loss. Erb provides 11 helpful insights about taxes for those who have recently lost their job. There may, surprisingly, be tax benefits that many people are unaware during employment and Erb lays those out in this article.

3. How to find a pandemic-proof job during the coronavirus outbreak if you’ve been laid off or furloughed by Jacob Passy. Are you one of the 20-30 million Americans who have lost their job to COVID-19? This article walks through the process of finding, applying, and getting a job during the pandemic. Passy provides tips on how to figure out companies who are hiring, which industries are still successful, and how to plan for the future of your career.

4. Stock Market Crash Of 2020 Coming Soon? (And How I Am Preparing) by Bob Lotich. In this article, Lotich provides three reasons he believes a stock market crash is on the horizon. He then goes on to provide five ways to prepare for it, if it does occur. Lotich notes that his goal is not to bring negativity or fear, but instead his goal is to be wise by preparing for financial famine.

5.What Will America Look Like on the Other Side of the Pandemic? by John Kingston. How does our present distress play into the way we will view others and whether we will live lives of generosity to others around us? Kingston provides an interesting look into the way America might be after the pandemic is over. For those of us able to view hardship in light of redemption, there may be a greater ability to face current difficulties with the courage that will enable us to overcome and be better for it.


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