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My 5 for Friday (May 28, 2021)

How can you easily pay off debt? How do you know if you have too many credit cards? And what should your teen consider when applying for a summer job.

1. 12 Easy Ways to Pay Off Debt by Emma Kerr. Do you need fresh motivation to persevere in paying it down your debt quickly? Emma Kerr offers 12 tips—both practical and intuitive—to help you get on track to efficiently kill your debt. It starts with a budget and ends with an appeal to exchange bad habits for good ones.

2. Here are 3 Signs You May Have Too Many Credit Cards by Christy Bieber. It could be to your advantage to have more than one credit card, each with different perks attached to it. But too many potentially works against your financial health. If you can’t keep track of the rewards, are missing payments, or aren’t earning enough rewards to redeem them, you probably have too many credit cards.

3. What Should My Teen Consider When Applying for a Summer Job? By Joe Carter. Summer is here! Is your teen looking for a job? There are many things you and your young adult should consider as you search for employment. Among these are pay and hours, the culture of the workplace, transportation to and from work, and how God’s “calling” relates to your employment.

4. Why Is Listening So Hard? By Alasdair Groves. It is easy to say that listening attentively to others is good, but why is it so difficult sometimes? Listening to others is selfless. God doesn’t need anything from us, yet he lovingly inclines his ear to our prayers. Being quick to speak betrays a selfish heart; being quick to listen reflects God’s love.

5. One Simple Way to Motivate Your Team by Michael Hyatt. You may be leading your team to hit their goals and make a profit, but are you prioritizing the people themselves? Celebration and affirmation are ways of engaging in relationship with your team and motivating them. Notice when someone puts in a lot of effort, and affirm their work verbally, or with a note.


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