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My 5 for Friday (November 20, 2020)

Are you a believer deciding how or if you should quit your job? Are you a pastor struggling to stay encouraged during this season? or just curious what American's are most thankful for this year?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. Americans Most Thankful for and to Family This Thanksgiving by Aaron Earls. According to new research, when polled, over 80% of American's said they were most grateful for their families this year, with health and friends coming in second and third. It appears that gratitude this year is a direct result of the external factors affecting Americans during the pandemic.

2.Pastors, choose gratitude over grumbling in this season by Dustin Crowe. As a pastor during this politically and pandemically charged season, you have probably experienced trials and discouragement, Crowe encourages a heart of gratitude and to follow the example of Moses and Paul, leaders amidst difficult.

3.How Do I Quit My Job Well? by Gage Arnold. Are you a believer struggling to know how or if you should quit your job? Arnold encourages the reader to consider the reasons for quitting and to maintain honor and respect for one's boss throughout the process.

4.7 Steps to Hosting a Holiday Dinner on a Budget by Kumiko Love. With the holidays around the corner, Love provides 7 steps for hosting a holiday dinner on a budget ( a feat that may seem easy, but upon further inspection is actually very difficult). Love encourages to never go into debt for the holidays.

5.Parenting Is Gardening by kelly Keller. In this article, Keller lays out the ways in which parenting is similar to gardening, with weeds, growth, planning, etc. She cautions the reader to remember that flourishing is not always immediate and takes root underground where it cannot be seen immediately.


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