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My 5 for Friday (November 6, 2020)

Are you currently managing a remote team? Wondering how much you should save for retirement?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1.How Can I Best Manage My Remote Team? by Russ Gehrlein. In this article, Gehrlein addresses how to manage a remote team while being fair and considerate during this challenging time. Gehrlein address challenges you might face and biblical wisdom on how to address those problems.

2. Don’t Fear, Plan. Top 2021 Trends For Business Leaders by Lisa Zeeveld. Zeeveld encourages that even though they may require more work and research, understanding and implementing these business strategies could ensure your business survives the tumultuous new year.

3.6 prayers for the workers in your life by Made to Flourish. This article helps outline 6 different types of people in your life that you should actively be praying for. Praying for our pastors, medical workers, governmental leaders, friends without work etc. reminds us that the Lord is faithful.

4.How Much Should You Save for Retirement? by Mallika Mitra. Mitra explains the importance of compound interest in retirement savings and examines how much money to save, what percentage of your income to save, and what types of accounts to use for saving.

5.9 Millionaire Success Habits by Bob Lotich. Lotich goes over the types of habits to cultivate in your life in order to build wealth, assessing 9 habits employed by millionaires to inspire and encourage you to take charge of your finances.


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