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My 5 for Friday (October 30, 2020)

Do you use shopping to help relieve anxiety? Wondering how much money is spent on Halloween every year?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1.Generosity During COVID-19 by Gabriella Siefert. In this article, Siefert looks at how the pandemic has and will affect those experiencing homelessness and poverty. She admonishes that although it is our human tendency in hardship to protect our resources, we are instead called to be generous "to the point of discomfort."

2. How to Budget for Christmas by Jessi Fearon. Although it's the end of October, financially preparing for the holidays should begin now in order to avoid going into debt for Christmas. Fearon provides helpful insights into how her family has remained holiday debt-free for 7 years.

3.Why Christians Should Be Sabbatarians by David Strain. In this article, Strain encourages the believer to observe the sabbath. He argues, "far from being legalistic or harsh, the Lord’s Day ought to be a source of joy and restoration for Christians."

4.How Much Americans Spend on Halloween by Investopedia. This article provides an interesting look at what Americans spend on Halloween every year. Even amidst the pandemic, Halloween sales are still expected to be high in 2020.

5. Retail Therapy: Are Emotions Draining Your Wallet? by Rachel Cruz. Did you know that retail therapy, "costs the average American over $1,600 per year?" In this article, Cruze clues you into the startling role that emotions play in impulse purchases and provides tips to help you avoid falling into this habit.


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