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My 5 for Friday (October 9, 2020)

Are you overwhelmed by the anxiety and turmoil of this time? Should you get business insurance for your side-gig?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. Steady as the Seasons Change by Brett McCracken. In this article, McCracken points to the steadiness of the seasons as a God-given source of comfort amidst the economic, cultural, and political turmoil of this time. McCracken speaks wistfully of creation's role in the life of the believer, "It’s a steadying, sublime resource for sanity in an insane world—if we can only turn off our devices long enough to avail ourselves of its gifts."

2. Placemaking and a pandemic: How walking can help you pastor better by Sara Joy Proppe. Founder of the Proximity Project, Proppe uses placemaking, city planning, and real estate to help the church recognize their city and link their mission to their physical location. In this article, she explains how to personally do this in your own city and church.

3. Don't Let Money Ruin Your Marriage by Ron Deal. As most people know, finances are the number one cause of marital conflict. Deal provides a helpful list of deep financial questions to consider before getting married. Deal also provides an additional list for blended families as well.

4.PSA: Every Gig Worker Should Seriously Look Into Business Insurance by Cheryl Winoker Munk. Munk lays out several reasons why gig workers may need business insurance, how to determine if they do, and what kind is best for their side-gig. Munk also details where and how to buy this coverage if it is a necessity for your side business.

5. Finding Hope that Transcends Financial Independence by Shawn Jacques. Jacques encourages that even though we often tend to put our faith in wealth, there are ways we can combat this temptation and place our hope in Christ.


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