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My 5 for Friday (September 18, 2020)

Need help understanding why credit cards are so dangerous? Why is mentorship so important in business and in life?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1.How Much Does College Cost? Here's What it Cost Me: by Scott Henderson. In this article, Henderson has calculated his total cost for each of his degrees beginning with an associates and ending in a masters degree. He evaluates how to avoid extra educational expenses and whether or not the total price of his education has been worth it.

2. 90,000 Hours: How God Grows Us through Our Jobs by Drew Yancey. In this review of ‘Calling’ by Pierce Brantley, Yancey commends Brantley's book for fighting against the idolization of work and for teaching that work is a gift from God and that we are partners with God in our work.

3. Revealed: The Ugly Cost of Buying on Credit by Kumiko Love. With the average American owning four credit cards, Love reveals the truly devastating consequences of buying on credit. Love explains how credit cards work, the way interest is calculated, and what you can do to avoid the pain of credit cards.

4.Mentorship is important for businesses and churches by Thomas Kim. In this article, Kim focuses on the merits of mentorship in business and the church. Kim argues that person-to-person mentorship provides a better way for people to learn a new skill, grow personally, and grow in relationships.

5. How the pandemic may affect holiday shopping by Emily Eberhard. Think it is too soon to begin to think about holiday finances? Think again. Eberhard reveals how Covid-19 is projected to affect holiday sales and consumer behavior, including an increase in digital sales. Time to start budgeting now!


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