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My Five for Friday (August 14, 2020)

Are you experiencing hopelessness in your job? Or wondering how much money has been spent on pets during the pandemic?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. Trusting God and the value of work by Cameron Engle. For those asking the question, "why am I experiencing this hopelessness with my work?" Engle encourages the believer to look at the faithfulness of the Lord and trade hopelessness for hope and trust in a God who redeems even the smallest things.

2. 10 Tips for Finding a Ministry Position During the Pandemic by Benjamin Vrbicek. In this article, Vrbiceck lays out 10 tips for finding a ministry position amidst a difficult time. Vrbicek warns to check your heart before checking your resume.

3. Navigating Economic Disruptions: The Value of Financial Planning for Women by Sherri White. White lays out the increasing need for financial planning for women as women's life expectancies increase, salaries are lower, and the higher likelihood of caretaking in adulthood. White provides helpful questions that help provide a good inventory of financial health.

4. Exposing Hidden Flaws of the "Vision-Based Budget" by Todd McMichen. If you are part of formulating your church's budget, McMichen provides the downfalls of a vision-based budget and instead offers an alternative that will help unify your church in the long run.

5. From Birthday Parties to 'Pawdicures,' House-Bound Americans Can't Stop Spending on Their Pets by Paul Reynolds. Are you one of the 18% of Americans who reported spending more than usual this year on their pets? Reynolds reports that millennials now have more pets than children and spend more than any other generation on their pets.


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