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My Five for Friday (August 21, 2020)

Wondering how to best love your coworkers (even the difficult ones)? Or do you desperately need help sticking to your budget?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. The Complete Guide to Achieving Financial Independence Through Simplifying by Scott Henderson. Henderson emphasizes that financial independence is gained not through increased income, but instead through simplified living. Henderson provides helpful calculators and tips for your financial independence journey.

2. 24 Things That Have Been Selling Out Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic by Amanda Tarlton. Want to know what people are doing during the pandemic? Look at their expenses. These are the top 24 items that have been selling out online during the pandemic (some more obvious than others.)

3. How Can I Glorify God When I Have No Work? by Laura Baxter. Thousands have lost their jobs to the Coronavirus and are feeling the consequences of prolonged joblessness. Baxter provides five thoughts on how to glorify God in the midst of job loss, discouragement, and feeling the weight of idleness.

4.How To Stick To A Budget (10 Budgeting Tips & Tricks) by Bob and Linda Lotich. Husband and Wife duo, the Lotiche's provide 10 practical tips and tricks that can help you stick to your budget as a family. This article also includes a free budgeting worksheet to help you stick to your financial goals.

5. How to love our difficult neighbors (at work) by Russ Gehrlein. In this article, Gehrlein examines what it looks like for the believer to love his or her coworkers (including the difficult one) especially in a time when people are displaced from their professions or working in new jobs altogether.


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