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My 5 for Friday (December 18, 2020)

Should believers spend money on Christmas festivities? Need some budget-friendly gift ideas for Christmas?

These questions and more are answered in today's My 5 for Friday. 1. Martin Luther on faith and work: 8 abiding lessons by Daryl Charles. In this article, Charles examines 8 ways in which Martin Luther's emphasis on the priesthood of all believers has explicit implications for vocation and work. 2.Christmas Shopping Deo Gloria by Matt Rusten. Rusten tackles whether or not Believers should join in on the Christmas shopping festivities or if it is antithetical to the Christian life. Rustin encourages that celebration in the Bible was often marked by large feasts, donating to the poor, and the spending of significant portions of income to do so.

3.How Can My Child Start Investing? by Kumiko Love. Curious about how to teach your children how to invest and save for the future, check out this article by The Budget Mom.

4.God Is Good Even When the Holidays Aren’t by Sarah J. Hauser. Hauser provides an inside look into how Christmas once brought diagnoses, illness, and death into her family instead of cheer and hope. However, despite this, Hauser encourages the believer to lean into the belief that God is good despite how the Holidays turn out.

5.100 Stocking Stuffers Under $10 by Lois Alter Mark. Looking for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers on a budget this year? Here are 100 great gift ideas under $10!


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