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My Five for Friday (July 24, 2020)

Need help budgeting for a big move? Are you a student returning to restricted college classes in the fall? Worried about your 401k during the pandemic?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1. What We All Need to Know by Matt Bell and Mark Biller. This article provides five timeless truths from God's word and three important lessons from market history, reminding the reader that despite what happens in the market, God is in control.

2.Christian Giving Rebounds to Pre-Pandemic Levels by David Roach. In this article, Roach explains that despite the initial predictions that Christian giving would be down because of the pandemic, there has remained a steady stream of giving to churches and non-profits.

3.Christian Colleges and COVID: A Gospel Moment by Barry H. Corey. President of Biola University, Corey is well aware of the anxiety that Christian Colleges and Seminaries are facing during COVID. In this article, Corey discusses constrains as virtue. Corey admonishes students in the fall not to focus on what they have lost do to COVID restraints, but instead to focus on what they can gain through perseverance.

4. 6 Steps to Budget for a Big Move by Kumiko Love. With nearly 60% of all moves taking place during the summer months, Love provides 6 ways to prepare financially for the burden of moving and in includes a free moving budget checklist. These tips will help you move without doing damage to your budget.

5. Coronavirus Is Surging in the U.S. — Could the Pandemic Crush Your 401(k) Again? by Mallika Mitra. The question currently on many peoples minds is, "Will my retirement savings be okay?" Mitra encourages that despite the pandemic, the market will rebound. Mitra also provides a strategy for those planning on retiring within 5 years and how they can combat the fluctuating market.


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