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My Five for Friday (June 26, 2020)

Want to know how to instill a grace-driven work ethic in your children? Wondering if another round of stimulus checks will go out? Or needing a plan for how to navigate further financial crises?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

1.Teaching Kids to Work with Grace and Grit by Brad Larson. In this article, Larson answers the questions, "Is there a way to help kids develop a good work ethic without pushing them to value work too much?" Larson admonishes that even though we are called to work excellently, we must avoid teaching our children to work for God's favor, but instead to work for God's glory.

2.How to Start Giving by Michael Blue. Blue shares both the purpose and joys of giving. He lays out how to start giving if giving is new to you, explaining the purpose behind giving and how to go about beginning to give. He also describes how to leverage your giving if giving isn't new to you.

Wang explains that for the past weeks, the thought of another round of stimulus checks seemed impossible because the bills that have been proposed have been shot down very quickly. However, with the recent support of the president, Wang argues that a second round is more likely because it may help boost the President's re-election pans.

4.Preparing for Another Pandemic? by Chuck Bentley. In this article, Bentley gives advice on how to financially prepare for "another pandemic" or prepare for the ongoing pandemic to spike and continue. Bentley encourages people to plan together financially so that it will be easier to stay on budget. He also advises to save money and spend less in order to be in a better spot when things get tough financially.

5. How to Gain A Healthy Stability During A Time Of Disruption by Dan Reiland. Reiland helps provide a guide for how to navigate the small disruptions of life during this still ongoing COVID concerns. He advises that the desire for comfort is not always a good desire, and that you must be internally stable as the external world falls into further instability.


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