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Really Bad Gift Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a month where we honor those who lead and serve our local churches. I recently sent out a few tweets about what a person should or should not give their pastor.

Let’s first look at some really bad gift ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month. For context, many of these were submitted by pastors.

1. A clock. To help him finish the sermon on time and get you out before the lunch rush starts.

2. A one-way plane ticket. You get the point. So will he.

3. A billboard with his cell phone number on it. Because you want to give the entire community access to him 24/7.

4. Ceramic praying hands. Because pastors love little knick knacks.

5. Season tickets to an NFL team. Especially if all the games are at 1:00pm, ensuring he can never use them.

Okay, those are some really bad gift ideas. Now, let’s consider some good ideas that can communicate your appreciation. Again, many of these have been submitted by pastors.

1. Gifts for their family. Show you care for them by caring for their family.

2. Tickets to any sporting event. Just make sure they can actually attend the game. Avoid games at 1:00pm on Sundays.

3. Gift cards. Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or even a Visa gift cards are always appreciated.

4. A paid vacation. Because Disney keeps raising their prices.

5. Tickets to an event for the whole family. Help them create a family memory.

Are you low on money but still desire to show your appreciation? Here are some cost-free ways to communicate gratitude to your pastor:

1. A note of appreciation. Preferably, a handwritten one.

2. Offer to babysit their kids for free. Provide a needed night out with the spouse.

3. Tell him how he has positively impacted your life. Help them see how God is using their ministry.

4. Provide a kind word of encouragement. This will help offset the regular criticism they receive.

5. Brag on him in front of others. Especially on days other than Sunday.

Honor your pastor this month. Determine what you can do to show your appreciation.


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