Why Should Ministry Leaders Care about Management Principles and Practices?


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I teach the Introduction to Management course at The College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, North Carolina. And as I do with every course I teach, I start the semester by asking the question, “Why?” Why should we care about learning a particular topic? As it relates to the management course, why should we care about management principles and practices?

Why New Initiatives Fail and What You Can Do about It


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Many ministries are excellent at launching new initiatives. Unfortunately, many of these same ministries are poor sustainers of those initiatives. As a result, we pour significant thought and energy into a dream that is never fully realized. The potential of what could be is lost. A persistence of this pattern is not without ramifications. It can develop a skepticism and lack of enthusiasm for future strategies. So how does this happen and what can we do to prevent it?

When are Ministry Leaders Likely to Lose Focus?


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There are endless opportunities for ministry leaders to lose focus on their ministry’s mission. And when the ministry leader loses focus, the ministry will lose focus. Below are some moments where a ministry leader can easily lose focus. This is not to say that a ministry leader should downplay or ignore these moments, but merely be cognizant of their effect. Such awareness can help sustain a ministry’s focus even during difficult times.


Preaching Christ from Proverbs (Rainer Publishing, 2015)

In Preaching Christ from Proverbs, Jonathan Akin not only does a masterful job of teaching the reader how to interpret the text of Proverbs, but explaining how every proverb ultimately points the reader to Jesus Christ. Akin’s work will benefit preachers and small group leaders immensely as they seek to apply Luke 24:44 to their expositional efforts. No Old Testament library would be complete without it.

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Modern Ways to Job Search


Today, finding a job can be difficult. Recent statistics reveal that the majority of college seniors graduate without having a job lined up. And, unfortunately, it is not just college seniors that are struggling to find work. Many are trying to gain the attention of a potential employer in hopes of a job offer. And many are realizing that they must think beyond the traditional resume.