How to Get You and Your Spouse on the Same Financial Page

7 Steps to Bring Oneness to Your Marriage's Money


We all know the stress finances can place on a marriage. Money (or the lack thereof) has been known to decimate a husband and wife’s relationship. But it does not have to be this way. Financial matters do not have to bring division to a marriage, but can serve as a point of unification. If you are married, consider these seven steps to bring oneness to your money:

How Can I Become a Better Public Speaker?

5 Communication Tips for Pastors to Consider


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This is a guest post by Sam Morris. Sam is the Electronic Marketing Specialist for Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is married to Mackenzie and they live in Wake Forest, NC. Sam likes good books and great coffee/tea.

Have you ever heard a sermon and struggled to understand the pastor? There have been times when my wife and I have visited churches and struggled to listen because the pastor’s public speaking ability was so poor. In those situations, deciphering what is being spoken about is difficult.

Should I Give When I Am “Church Shopping?”

5 Giving Suggestions When Looking for a New Church Home

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Let me start off by saying I not a big fan of the phrase “church shopping.” It seems to communicate a consumerist approach to church. But at some time or another most of us will find ourselves searching for a new church home.

The Value of Goals

5 Reasons to Identify Your Destination


Goals are powerful, but often overlooked, tools. Imagine you piled your family into your car for a weeklong vacation. Your spouse is excited. Your kids are excited. And about two minutes into the trip, your spouse asks, “So where are we going?”

You respond, “I don’t know. I had not thought about it.” I imagine what follows is not pretty.

Should I Tithe When I Have Debt (or Other Financial Pressures)?

5 Things to Consider Before You Abandon Your Giving


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When faced with financial difficulties, the question of whether or not to tithe or give often arises. And the reason is simple. There is a desire to use every last penny to help get themselves out of the situation. If you have or are facing financial challenges, you have probably considered not giving. It may seem to be the most logical option for you. But before you decide to abandon your giving, consider the following five points:

Why Married Couples Should Have Joint Bank Accounts

5 Reasons to Pool Your Financial Resources


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At my former church, I had the opportunity to spend time with those in our premarital class and discuss the issue of money. One of the very first pieces of advice I gave was to, once married, get joint bank accounts and avoid bank accounts to which your spouse will not be able to access. Why? Because you do not get choose what part of your spouse you want to marry or what part you want to give to your spouse. It’s an all-in deal—You get all of them, and they get all of you.