Why Young Leaders Struggle with Delegation


Any leader can struggle with delegation. It is one of those things that we know we should do, but rarely do we do well. This struggle is often intensified with young leaders who are just realizing what it really means to lead those who lead.

5 Best Practices for Handling Other Ministry Income


There is no prescribed manual for all ministers on the right protocol for receiving other ministry income such as weddings, funerals, revivals, and conferences. Some denominations or judicatories have very specific guidelines. A few churches have their own guidelines as well. But most do not. That is why ministers frequently ask questions related to other ministry income.


The Minister’s Salary: And Other Challenges in Ministry Finance (Rainer Publishing, 2015)

Should I opt out of Social Security? How much housing allowance do I take? Do I have enough for retirement? Should I ask for a raise? Why should I even care about my financial picture? The Minister’s Salary was written to shed light on some of the issues that seem to most burden ministers. With simplicity and clarity, it provides a holistic look at key financial issues. The Minister’s Salary is an excellent, concise resource for anyone seeking answers to some of the most common financial questions asked by ministers.

Praise for Minister’s Salary

This is one book I cannot recommend highly enough. It is simple, clear and so very much needed! If you are a pastor get it and read it. If you love your pastor, get it, read it, and then serve him well!  – Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


Since few pastors I have known would ever broach the subject of their pay, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Art Rainer for advocating for this subject with such spiritual sensitivity…. Church leaders should read and heed this volume with conviction and compassion.  – O.S. Hawkins, President and CEO, GuideStone Financial Resouces


There are some people who are well informed on churches. There are other people who are well informed on finances. But only a few people can really speak well to the topic of church finances. Art Rainer is one of those people. Having worked closely with Art in a local church context, I can confirm the effectiveness of his approach. Indeed he is one of the best. This book may very well be the best overview on church finances you can find anywhere.  – Jimmy Scroggins, Lead Pastor, Family Church

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6 External Forces That Can Create the Need for Change in Your Ministry


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Change is not a matter of if, but when.

The second half of my management course at The College at Southeastern includes the book, Leading Change, by John P. Kotter. In his book, Kotter describes an eight-step process for managing change, an essential understanding for today’s leader.

4 Mistakes Young Leaders Make


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The Millennials are here.

Millennials will make up approximately 75% of the workforce in 2025. As we watch this generation enter the workforce, many are now stepping into leadership roles. This is a trend we can only expect to continue. These young leaders are able to quickly provide fresh ideas and are eager to see results. Many organizations and ministries are going to greatly benefit from these young leaders.