5 Financial Words You Need to Know to Be a Better Steward

Learn the Lingo of Money


Money has its own language. And it can be intimidating for many people. I understand. In fact, many out there don’t even give themselves a shot at trying to learn. They give up before they start.

But learning a few basic financial words can make a huge difference in anyone’s ability to make good financial decisions and be a better steward of God’s resources. And here’s the thing, I bet you can understand financial lingo better than you think you can.

9 Ways to Make a Terrible First Impression

How to Make Sure That People Will Never Want to See You Again


Whether you are interviewing for a job or hoping to get a date, first impressions are a really big deal. They are important because they are lasting. First impressions are sometimes incredibly difficulty to overcome.

This stickiness is good and bad news. If you make a good impression, it can put you in a favorable light for some time. But if you make a bad impression, significant work must be done to overcome the tainted image that has been created.

8 Pieces of Bad Money Advice Your Teen Will Believe Unless You Teach Them Otherwise


If you are a parent of a teenager, you know that your child is being bombarded with various messages everyday. Some your fine with. Some you wish would just go away.

Among the messages your teen receives are pieces of advice about money. Certainly there are some worth listening to. But there are many, often indirect, messages that are damaging in both the short-term and long-term financial futures of your teenager. And it is up to you, their parent, to help them understand which advice is good and which can be harmful. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

3 Encouraging Trends About Millennials and Money

Evidence Points Toward Greater Savings and a Shunning of Credit Cards


After a slow start, Millennials are starting to move forward in their finances.

For some time now, Millennials have been hampered with student loan debt and a sparse job market. While this may still be the case for many in this generation, there are signs of life. According to recent trends, their financial decision-making is on an upswing. And given the size of the Millennial population, this is good news for everyone.

5 Ways to Totally Waste Your Tax Refund

How to Regret Your Upcoming Financial Decision-Making


Tax day has passed us (hopefully this is not a surprise to you), and now a large number of Americans are set to receive their tax refunds in the upcoming months. And, unfortunately, many of them will totally waste it.


They didn’t have a plan. They didn’t know what they wanted to do with the money before it hit their bank account.