Why Your Kids Want You to Get Rid of Your Credit Card Debt

6 Reasons to Start Paying Down Your Debt Today


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If only the effects of credit card debt occurred in a vacuum. But this is not the case. The effects of credit card debt are not limited to a husband and wife. The entire household feels it. The high interest payments can create stress for everyone, including the kids. The kids of debt-ridden parents can feel like kids of debt-ridden parents. And whether or not they are able to articulate their desire, they want you to get out of debt.

8 Things to Do on Thanksgiving Day

A Checklist for a Day of Gratefulness


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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year. It is a time to gather with loved ones and consider all the things for which we should be grateful. Thanksgiving can be a busy and fun day. There is much to do. You may have you own checklist. Allow me to share with you mine.

4 Hindrances to Your Generosity


The parable of the talents tells us we are to use our resources to further the Kingdom of God. He gives us some resources and some time, called life, to place in eternally significant investments. We are to be givers. There are many of us who feel compelled to be generous with what God has given us, but we are unable to so. Our financial picture does not allow us do what we know we should do.

6 Factors that Can Hinder a Millennial’s Career Advancement

Make That Career Jump You Have Been Desiring


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The Millennials are becoming the dominant generation in the workplace. Their presence is felt by everyone. However, some Millennials are expressing frustration in their inability to advance in their career. What separates those Millennials who are able to advance from those who are not?

How to Make It Through Black Friday Without Going Broke

8 Tips to Bring Clarity to the Chaos


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If you are like me, your mailbox is getting bombarded with sale advertisements. Yes, it is that time of year. Black Friday is upon us.

Black Friday is a dangerous day. Not only is there danger in getting trampled in the stampede of shoppers or coming face-to-face with a mom who really wants to purchase that Elmo toy and will fight you for it, it is a day when budgets can get decimated.

To help you survive this crazy day, here are eight tips to help you make it through Black Friday without going broke: