Dream Teams: How to Build and Lead Winning Church Ministry Teams (Rainer Publishing, 2015)

In Dream Teams: How to Build and Lead Winning Church Ministry Teams, Douglas provides sage wisdom and practical advice for recruiting, developing, deploying, and coaching effective ministry teams for local church ministry. He reveals four keys to effective ministry teams: calling, character, competency, and chemistry. An experienced practitioner, Douglas has filled this work with time-tested and proven methods for freeing the church to maximize the giftedness with which God has blessed her. Whether used for personal development, staff leadership, or a retreat topic, this resource will be a blessing to your ministry.

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5 Reasons Why Millennial Leaders Should Consider Participative Leadership


Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce. And the vacancies left by the second largest generation in U.S. history will not go unnoticed. Many Gen Xers will help fill the void left by the Boomers, but they cannot do it alone. They do not have the numbers. Because of this, it is quite probable that many Millennials will find themselves in leadership positions at a young age.


Christology: The Study of Christ (Rainer Publishing, 2015)

Who is Jesus? Christology is the central doctrine of Christianity. In this book Daniel L. Akin discusses key issues about Jesus. Covering both Old Testament and New Testament texts, Christology offers succinct explanations about some of the biggest questions about Jesus. Additionally, Dr. Akin comments on the historical controversies and major theories regarding the life of Christ. This book will not only help you learn more about Christ, but it will also help your relationship with Christ.

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How Ministries Can Adapt to Shifting Demographics


Your community’s demographics will shift. It is not really a matter of if but when. By 2050, America will be a minority majority nation, with Hispanics realizing the greatest population growth. But it is not just race or ethnicity that will change. In 2030, there will be 73 million people 65 and older. Currently, there are about 33 million. Whether it is race, age, income level, economic status, or education level, your community’s demographics either have or will shift.

To Keep or Not to Keep the Minister’s Salary Public?


There are certainly divided opinions about this issue. Stated simply, should the minister’s salary be kept public before all church members on a regular basis? For example, some churches distribute the monthly budget receipts and expenses of the church. In that monthly report you often see, to the dollar, exactly how much each minister makes.