How to Increase Your Credit Score


Most people want a good credit score but have no idea how to get one. They want a good score because they know that it can affect a variety of decisions, including their mortgage’s interest rate and even potential employment.

A person’s credit score is made up of five factors—payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, credit inquiries and new debt, and types of debt. But each of these factors’ influence on the score is not the same. Some impact the score more than others.

6 Ways Churchgoers Can Prepare for a Upcoming Sermon on Money

How to Get the Most Out of Next Sunday


Money is a difficult topic to broach in church. Many pastors are fearful to speak on it and many churchgoers hate to hear about it. So, sometimes, both parties just decide to avoid it. But this is not best. God’s perspective on money needs to be taught and learned.

So if you are a churchgoer who just noticed that the upcoming sermon is on money, here are 6 ways to prepare for it:

3 Steps to Break Through the Busyness of Leadership

How to Determine What You Need to Do Next


A leader’s day can be hectic and time consuming. Many feel as if a never-ending to-do list sits in front of them at all times. There is never enough time. There is never enough energy. And in the midst of it all, they find themselves forgetting about the most basic elements of leadership. It is not uncommon for these ultra-busy leaders to question whether or not they are really leading or just doing.

4 Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your Financially Irresponsible Parents

Talking to Good Parents About a Bad Mess


Many adults have parents with too much debt, too little retirement, and no plan to right the wrong decisions made. They are good parents in a bad mess. Certainly, money can be a sensitive topic, especially to those who are struggling to manage their finances. But if you have parents whose finances are wrecked, there is good reason for you to tactfully broach this topic with them.

8 Costs That Can Turn Your Dream Home Into a Financial Nightmare

The Hidden Costs of Homeownership


After months of searching, you finally found it—your dream home. You can just see your kids running around in the backyard while you and your spouse laugh over a cup of coffee on the deck. This will be the house where your kids learn to ride their bikes. And years later, it will be the home to which they return when they want to drop off the grandkids. You now understand what a “forever home” is.